2013-05-03 21:45:57

Daily Feminist Cheat Sheet

Feminist in-fighting is still a problem.

Why aren’t men funny?

Newsrooms should also hire a few journalists who aren’t effete liberal p*ssies.

A class analysis of Jason Collins’ announcement.

“Natural” isn’t always feminist.

Newsflash, Fox News: teen sex isn’t illegal.

Bloomberg can’t defend “stop and frisk” policies.

One fake rape threat doesn’t mean all women “cry rape.”

Don’t punish sexually active girls with pregnancies.

Exploring verbal consent… through The Vampire Diaries.

The New York Times confuses rape and sex in a headline, issues a correction.

Dartmouth survivors face a tough judicial process.

Racialicious: The Hippocratic Oath doesn’t apply to undocumented immigrants.

Watch to the end of this abortion rights video to see the most adorable pro-choice toddler ever.

Academia does porn (as, you know, it has for a while).

F. Scott never understood flappers.